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Fund • a • bil • i • ty [ adj. Fuhnd-uh-bil-i-tee ] You won't find "Fundability" on, so don't bother looking.

Fundability is a phrase we've coined to describe how a business measures up in relation to the entire lending and investing community. How fundable is your business? Simply put, Fundability is a measure of how lenders, investors, vendors, insurers, and suppliers view the risk of extending credit and/or services to your business.

Let’s Break Fundability Down Into Its Parts:

Part 1 – Compliance
Setting up properly and completing the 20 compliance items that most lenders require prior to a loan being approved. In terms of Fundability, this is simply saying that your business has paid attention to the details and addressed all of the items that every real business should.

Part 2 – Strong Business Credit Scores
Building strong credit scores with all three national business credit reporting agencies: Experian Smart Business, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax Small Business Financial Exchange.

Part 3 – Optimal Credit Usage
Establishing a 1-3-5, that is one bank loan, three business credit cards, and five vendor lines of credit that are not associated with you personally and do not show up on your personal credit reports.

Part 4 – Comparable Credit
Getting vendors or non-traditional lenders to grant your business a credit line that is comparable in size to the loan you are seeking from a bank or traditional business lender. This can be accomplished in many ways. For instance, through a vendor willing extend a $25,000 credit line to your business or through a $50,000 lease line of credit to be used for specific equipment. The bottom line is that most traditional lenders do not want to be the first to take a chance on you.

Part 5 – Business Viability
Being able to show that your business is not only credit worthy but also "viable" for its industry and market segment. This means the business model and plan you present to the traditional lender needs to make sense and show the ability to service the loan. Simply put, lenders want to know that they can get paid back.

Our Business Credit Building System guides you step-by-step through the first four parts of Fundability. Parts 1 – 4 are all about making sure your business is set up right, shows optimal credit usage, has strong business credit scores, and is given access to comparable credit. For Part 5 we provide you with our time tested workbook, “How to Prepare and Present a Successful Funding Request”. It provides all the tools necessary to test your own Business Viability and then shows you how to project that viability for lenders.

By improving the Fundability of your business, The Business Credit Building System is doing more than just helping you build strong business credit. We are improving the overall "health" of your business while greatly increasing your ability to succeed now and in the future.

The day your business obtains its first bank loan is very much like the day you personally get approved for a home loan. It is the day, and the event, that makes all other lenders take notice and puts you on their credit map.

Non-bank business lenders and credit providers know how difficult it is to get approved for a business bank loan. When they see a reporting bank loan on your business credit reports, it signals to the non-bank business lenders and credit providers that your business is for real.

Too many business owners think that obtaining a business loan from a bank is an impossible dream. Well, it isn't. Our Business Credit Building System has a proven method for obtaining your first business bank loan and a list of the banks that have worked with thousands of our members in both extending and reporting those loans.

Just having a bank loan is only one way your business banking relationship affects your business credit, including your ability to get approved for vendor credit lines and business credit cards. The single most important factor is the date you opened your business checking account.

Most business owners assume that the day they incorporated or filed for their business license is the day their business began. This is simply not the case. Business lenders consider the date you opened you business bank account as the actual start date for your business. So, if you incorporated in 2002, but opened your business checking account in 2007 then, as far as lenders are concerned, your business started in 2007.

Another way that your business banking relationship is vital to getting approved for loans can be found in your Bank Rating. The business credit reporting agencies will grade your business's creditworthiness based on its credit scores. In a similar fashion, banks and other traditional lenders will grade your business’s ability to repay based on its Bank Rating. Your business bank rating is determined by the average daily cash balance you maintain in your business checking account over a period of a few months.

If you are serious about the success of your business then you will need to know: How to properly address the compliance items required by most lenders and credit providers; How to properly go about building strong business credit scores with the national business credit reporting agencies; And how to properly manage your business banking relationships.

Now you have a choice to make. You can spend hundreds of hours searching the internet trying to find all the vital information you need, or you can simply enroll to access our Business Credit Building System which has consolidated everything into one convenient place. Our system is an extremely comprehensive guide that instructs you step-by-step to get it all done the right way and in the shortest possible amount of time.

For your business to build strong business credit scores it needs to have 3 business credit cards that report to the national business credit agencies and do not show up on your personal credit files.

Getting approved for business credit cards is a process whereby you must have first completed all 20 of the bank lending compliance items and have vendors credit lines in place that you have verified are reporting. Almost all business credit cards require that your business credit files are already opened and showing a certain amount of reporting history.

A key feature of business credit cards is that they typically carry more weight than vendor lines in the business credit scoring process. Our Business Credit Building System contains extensive research on business credit cards and includes what they require for approval.

Throughout the business credit building process it is important that you minimize lender inquiries. To do that you need to keep declines to a minimum. How? By knowing what the business credit card issuers require for approval. You need to be prepared before you apply. This is just one of the many benefits of our Business Credit Building System.

Another benefit of our system is all of the invaluable tips and industry secrets. A credit building tip for business credit cards is that it is important to carry balances that are no more than forty percent of your available credit limits. The secret is that credit card providers do not report your “available” credit limit, so most lenders assume your "available limit" is your "highest reported balance". That means when you first receive a business credit card you need to run it up to its limit (not over) and after you receive your first bill, then pay it down to the forty percent level. Going forward you need to maintain a balance of around 30 to 40 percent to optimize your business credit scores.

There are over 500 business credit cards in the United States, but your business needs only three that report. The key is in the reporting. Do you know which business credit cards will report your payment history? If so, do you know what they require for approval? If you apply for business cards on your own, you only increase the likelihood of getting declined. Making sure you know what the lender requires before you apply greatly increases your chances of approval.

Since 1995 more than 50,000 businesses have successfully completed our Business Credit Building System. Our system is very comprehensive, straight forward, and easy to use. If you follow and complete the steps it will result in strong business credit scores each and every time.

You could spend hundreds of hours researching and still not find the wealth of information and instruction inside our Business Credit Building System. Lenders want to approve your business. Now it is up to you to make that possible.

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